Maarten Hornikx

Maarten Hornikx
Full professor
Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)

Maarten Hornikx is a Full Professor Building Acoustics and Vice-Dean of the Department of the Built Environment. Hornikx’ research area is modeling sound propagation in the built environment and his research interests are: Development of efficient numerical methodologies for sound propagation with the built environment as application, that is urban sound propagation, vibro-acoustics, and room acoustics; Application of numerical models to investigate propagation effects as the role of vegetation on sound propagation outdoors and indoors and the influence of meteorological effects on sound propagation; Auralization from wave-based methods and hybrid wave-based/geometrical acoustics techniques; Publishing open source software from developed methods.

Maarten Hornikx holds an MSc in Building Physics from TU/e (2004) and a PhD in Applied Acoustics from Chalmers University of Technology (2009). During his studies, Maarten collaborated with TNO (2002) and the University of Mississippi (2007). From 2009 to 2011, he worked as a post-doc at KU Leuven in Belgium in the field of aeroacoustics. He was appointed as a senior researcher at Chalmers (2011-2013), focusing on modeling urban sound propagation in the EU funded projects Hosanna and QSIDE. In 2012, Maarten joined his Alma Mater as an Assistant Professor and turned full Professor in 2019. Hornikx has spent a sabbatical period at Aalto University and Stockholm University (2018). He is associate editor of Acta Acustica, and editor of Building and Environment. He has been awarded two individual Marie-Curie fellowships: an ITN post-doc grant (2009) and a Career Integration Grant (2012). Hornikx collaborates closely with several industry partners in the area of virtual acoustics and sound absorbing materials.

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