Program at a glance 2023

ASSA 2023, Eindhoven

Day 1

Nov. 6, Mon

Day 2

Nov. 7, Tue

Day 3

Nov. 8, Wed

Day 4

Nov. 9, Thu

Day 5

Nov. 10, Fri


(Parallel) School 1: Acoustic Signal Processing

Fundamentals of Signal Processing

Filtering and Audio Manipulation

Spherical Microphone Arrays

Machine Learning for Acoustic Signal Processing

Signal Processing for Acoustic Virtual Reality

(Parallel) School 2: Environmental Acoustics

Monitoring and Measuring

Noise Propagation Modeling

Environmental Sound Sources

Perception and Response to Sound and Vibration: Health Effects and Psychoacoustics


Welcome drink


Closing drink

* Schedule subject to change.

The lecturers of ASSA 2023 are from the following institutions: