Avraham Hirschberg

Avraham Hirschberg
Emeritus professor
Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) / University of Twente

Nickname: Mico (from Ladino Avrahamico)

Born in Israel (1949). Married to Monique Guinet (French citizen). Grew-up in Brussels (1952-1967). Studied Applied Physics at Technische Hogeschool Delft (1967-1975). Thesis on temperature measurements in supersonic flows. PhD research on heat transfer in ionized gasses at TU/e (1976-1981) under supervision of M.E.H. van Dongen, G. Vossers and P.P.JM. Schram. Research on the thermodynamics of Asphalt at Shell Research (1981-1985). Associate professor TU/e (1985-2014) and part-time professor UTwente (2002-2013) in Aeroacoustics (flow acoustics). Research projects: self-sustained pulsations in natural gas transport systems, influence of pulsation on gas flow metering, fundamental aspects of flow acoustics (pipe termination, wall perforations, vortex sound, corrugated pipes, bends, orifices, silencers…), vortex induced pulsations in solid rocket motors, human voiced sound production and musical wind-instruments (bag-pipe, clarinet, flue organ pipes, reed organ pipes, free reeds, trombone and voice of the dragon). The musical acoustics work was inspired by A.P.J. Wijnands and carried out with him, J. Gilbert, B. Fabre, M.P. Verge, S.N. Dequand, O. Rudenko, G. Nakiboglu and many trainees.

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