Autumn School Series in Acoustics

At an international level, the field of Acoustics has rich communities, such as EAA, ASA, and AES, that support researchers from academia and industry at all levels to learn from each other, collaborate, and inspire through conferences and events. A specific and important group of them are the researchers that are in the early phase of their career and carry out an individual research project at a Ph.D. or postdoc level. These researchers are working on the basis for their further careers in our wonderful research field, and learn from doing their research, getting local supervision, and by attending conferences and network events. A cornerstone of their knowledge and skillset should come from the underlying topics of their research field, such as theoretical and physical acoustics, or signal processing for acoustics. Despite their importance, in most (research) institutes, courses on these topics are not given at the Ph.D. or postdoc level. Besides, as a successor of the H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie ITN project Acoutect, it was decided to launch a sustainable European programme in the fields related to Building Acoustics, to serve the needs to train young researchers.

For this reason, an annual autumn school series in acoustics (ASSA) is organized at Eindhoven University of Technology, with two parallel schools per year: one on a fundamental topic, and one on a more applied topic. The school has the character to be a high-quality yearly returning event with the same structure and layout, where young researchers get trained and moreover have the opportunity to enlarge their network by meeting fellow young researchers.

Organizing Committee

Prof. Maarten Hornikx

Silvin Willemsen, PhD.

Ilaria Fichera, MSc.

Dingding Xie

Valerie Vos, MSc.

ASSA is hosted by the Building Acoustics research group of Eindhoven University of Technology. The research in the group revolves around acoustics in the built environment, with research areas on computational methods, experimental methods, acoustics materials, and acoustic virtual reality. Please visit the following websites to get to know more about the group.