Jim Woodhouse

Jim Woodhouse
Emeritus professor
University of Cambridge

Jim Woodhouse studied mathematics as an undergraduate at Cambridge University, and did a PhD and post-doctoral work in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in Cambridge on the acoustics of the violin. This interest developed from a hobby interest in making musical instruments. After a few years working in a consultancy company on noise and vibration issues, he joined the Engineering Department at Cambridge in 1985, and remained there throughout his career: as lecturer, then Reader, then Professor, and now Emeritus Professor. The musical instrument interest has continued through the years, together with research on vibration of complex systems, statistical approaches to vibration prediction, and vibration driven by friction. His work has always focussed on the interplay between theoretical understanding and laboratory measurements, aiming to combine research in fundamental physics with practical implications, both for industrial applications and for musical instrument makers.

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